Pregnant for the first time at 39

13weeksMeet Peanut at 13 weeks in utero! I am now coming up to my 16th week of pregnancy and Peanut certainly likes to keep me reminded that he/she is there – daily, intense, nausea is something that I have become *almost*used it. It began a week before my period was due, along with a whole host of other symptoms such as lower abdominal pains and sensations, extreme taste aversions, and very sore breasts, which made it clear to me that there was new life growing within my womb even before I reached for a pregnancy test.

We were in Spain when I found out I was pregnant and I went into an immediate sate of panic. Before this momentous news we had begun to wonder if we should stop going back to the UK and make Spain our permanent residence and home. The presence of Peanut made us have a re-think of ALL of our plans (really, can we ever plan our lives?!). We decided that we needed to put such a huge decision on hold and remain UK residents for the time being. So I headed back to the UK with two of our dogs (Freddy and Moomin) to begin to create a nesting place. I’ve seen Midwifes, been to the hospital, had the checks and blood tests and so far all is well. We’re having a baby!!! As I wrote in the ABOUT page, we really didn’t think it would ever happen.

So, for now, that is where we are with our plans (we’ve not gotten very far). I’ll have Peanut here in the UK at The Rosie Birth Centre. After that we’re not entirely sure. We would like to think that we will start by splitting our time again, just over 6 months in the UK and just under 6 months in Spain, but who knows?!

Eco Conscious Mama is where I aim to share the journey of mamahood  but also where I want to learn from you, the readers. Any kind of hints or tips you can offer me about eco-friendly living or just staying conscious and present with the whole of life whilst being a mama will be hugely appreciated, go ahead and share in the comments.

Writing this first, short, blog post has taken some courage but I feel ready to dive in now and continue!


P.S. If you are wondering where the name ‘Peanut’ came from, it’s because in the first weeks of pregnancy one of the few foods I could actually stomach were these delicious Spanish peanuts that are roasted and salted with their skins on.

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