Pregnancy Information Overwhelm

As soon as I knew for sure that I was pregnant, (I ‘knew’ over a week before my period was due and the first positive test was two days before I was due), I started to read information on the internet and soon felt utterly bamboozled and completely overwhelmed. Even the NHS website was vast and intimidating!

Unsure of what I needed to do first or what to read I forgot to breathe (not really such a great idea). We were in Spain, in our house on the mountain, and suddenly I felt like I was a trillion miles away from the familiarity of the UK.

SunriseAfter being lost in a vortex of information for about a week I took a deep breath and stepped back into the calm. Waking early one morning I went out to watch the sun rising and sat down to meditate and return to the moment. It felt grounding to just breathe and then allow myself to feel the joy of being pregnant, the absolute mystery of knowing there was new life growing within me.

Although I’d had early miscarriages before, something felt really different this time. I had a knowing that all was well. It felt important that to begin to take positive action steps. So, calmly I called my GP in the UK, got the number for the midwife team and registered my pregnancy.

Chris and I talked things through and we decided to book a ferry back from Spain to the UK – just knowing I’d be seeing a midwife 6 weeks from then felt comforting.

The wish for information still burned through me (it’s the investigative scientist within me) so I searched online for positive pregnancy and birth books and decided to order a few. I also made the choice to stop the Google searching and inflicting information overwhelm on myself!

Now, at almost 17 weeks pregnant (and back in the UK enjoying a glorious summer), I am ready to calmly re-read the positive birth books and begin to make a positive birth plan.

Overwhelm still reaches me through the stillness but a dog-cuddle and a walk are great healers.

My next aim is to investigate the options of hypnobirthing sessions and hiring a doula or a doula in training (as financial budgeting is a serious consideration)

I’d love to hear your experiences of how you coped with any information overload during pregnancy, and if you hired a hypnotherapist or doula I’d love to hear about that too.


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