My Free Baby Box Arrives!

Earlier this year I saw in the news that all mothers of newborn babies in Scotland would be given a free baby box . As well as including items such as clothes and books the box contains a mattress and fitted sheet providing the baby with a safe place to sleep. What a fabulous idea!

Baby Box 1

As I was waiting for my first scan at The Rosie Hospital I saw a poster advertising free baby boxes in the UK so as soon as I got home I signed up at!

To get the box I had to watch quite a few educational videos, which were really useful, on things like how to place a baby to sleep and information on car seats and the importance of not smoking. After that there was a short quiz to answer and then I got an ID code which entitled me to either pick up the baby box free from a local centre , or to pay around £7.50 to get it delivered. Chris was able to pick the box up for me from a centre close to where he was contracting so now I am the proud owner of a safe sleeping place for when Peanut comes along and I have no need to purchase a Moses basket.

Baby box 2

The UK box doesn’t come with all the items included in the Scottish box – there was no thermometer, books or clothes – It did come with the mattress, a fitted sheet and a thin blanket (all of which are super useful).

Visit to signup for your free baby box.

Have you used a baby box? Did you find it useful? Let me know in the comments section below!


Baby Box 4
Fitted Sheet
Baby Box 3
New Mattress

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