Finding Support In A Variety Of Places

FreddyriverIt’s been an emotional few days. Chris has left the UK to drive back to Spain. We’ll be separated for 12 weeks, almost a quarter of my pregnancy! We have never spent that much time away from one another in the whole 8 years since we met. Thank goodness for technology which means we can video-call one another each day and keep in close contact. Regardless of technology I will miss him more than I can express in words.

At times like this support is so important. I am a bit of a lone-soul, an introvert – but I value my, few, close friends. But, support comes in so many different forms for me. Freddy and Moomin (my dogs), nature, books, journaling, meditation. At the moment I am also so blessed to be a part of an online group of women as part of the “SHE IS LIT SUMMER SCHOOL”  – it’s an opportunity to share and connect.

Yesterday my lovely sister-in-law Becca came to visit me with her gorgeous dog Bear. It was so good to sit and chat, enjoy nourishing food and share news. I appreciated the visit so much and I know she’ll be supporting me whilst Chris is away and throughout my pregnancy.

Nature has been supporting me in her own way. Here in the village I have a lovely river just a short walk from the Riverukhouse so yesterday I took the dogs down there to cool off, it gave me a chance to inhale the view and feel deeply connected to my surroundings.

How do you cope when you are ‘home alone’, how do you find connection? Let me know in the comments below.


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