All-day nausea, collapsed foot arches and the art of surrender

Thankfully the projectile vomiting ended at 12 weeks pregnant but the all-day nausea and extreme taste aversions have remained a part of my life (I’m now over 27 weeks).

Just last week my foot arches began to collapse which has been exceptionally painful. I do my best to walk 4 miles a day – I love to walk with the dogs in nature, it heals my mind and keeps me fit and active. Not walking really isn’t an option for me. Arch support insoles have been helpful but the pain is still significant. Icing the foot after a walk definitely helps and red tiger balm applied to the foot overnight is very soothing.

surrenderThe most helpful approach to all the difficulties, and joys, of pregnancy so far has been mindfulness and surrender. Meditation, in some form or another, has been an important part of my life for over 15 years. Now, in pregnancy, meditation has become essential. For me the usefulness has been in ‘being with’ the pain and discomfort rather than attempting  to run away from it or numb it. Breathing into the nausea and the pain, feeling it, investigating it, being with it for a while and then releasing it, surrendering, letting go to it has provided me with a peaceful mind. Yes, the nausea and the pain remain, but I am not at odds with it. It exists. It is not ‘my pain’ or ‘my nausea’ it is simply pain and nausea – and it is a part of the human condition. I feel connected to all the pregnant women who are experiencing discomfort, I feel connected to the wider humanity, to all-beings. I feel compassion.

Breathing in, breathing out, surrendering.

This postcard is so useful in my meditation practice. Looking at her I see surrender, I feel surrender. I can breathe and let go and simply ‘be’ rather than ‘do’ anything.

Do you meditate or use mindfulness to help you get through some of the discomforting parts of pregnancy? Share in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you.

Best wishes

Ani x

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